Computer Networks

A key strength of our company is the ability to provide tailored programs to best meet your objectives.

We are ready to assist your company with business solutions such as Premises Wiring, PC Network Installation, Corporate Re-engineering programs including Hardware Installation and Configuration, Diagnosis, Training and Technical Support at multiple locations.

FutureLink is exceptionally well positioned to offer appropriate solutions to address your needs...and your budget.

The company’s primary objective is to fully understand your needs and apply the right solution to your IT requirements.

AUDIO: Multi Zone / Multi Source

Set the right environment in your office with our multi zone/multi source audio equipment. With the installation of RusSound Multi source/ Multi Zone systems, you can deliver the right music to the different rooms in your office for your patients to enjoy. The system can be controlled via keypads that are installed in the walls or by infrared remote. Multiple source of music can be played at the same time in different rooms.

Stream 1
Stream 2
Stream 3

Premises Wiring  

Future Link has accumulated a broad range of expertise in premises wiring and network installations. Whether we are dealing with a new construction, upgrade of an existing network, or an expansion project, our engineers and technicians are proficient in the widest variety of network environments such as:


PC Support  

In order to obtain maximum productivity from your existing computer equipment, your workstations need to be in excellent working condition.

Our goal is to eliminate your computer headaches by making sure all your equipment is performing at its best.

Reduce the cost of operating your computers by forming a relationship with us that will get your business operating consistent with the “Best Practices” in the industry. We are strongest at advising you on the right technology to meet your business needs, as well as making sure that the technology you have works for you.

Don’t hire extra staff to support your company’s computer systems - or allow your own staff to be distracted from their work while helping each other figure out computer problems. Our involvement is scalable to your needs. When you call Future Link for support, the specialists who walk in your door will be sharp, professional and down-to-business. We are value oriented, and a one-stop shop for all your I.T. questions and problems.

Ethernet CAT5
Ethernet CAT3
Fiber Optic
Patch Panel Configuration
Routers/ Firewall/ VPN
Phone Systems/PBX

If you have an older network infrastructure, we are fully qualified to provide your company with a detailed plan to upgrade to the latest technologies without compromising your day to day operations.

Quick turnarounds to get you up and running are the key to our success. We’ll give you clean documentation and the best advice or support, and then we’ll work to reduce or eliminate our own job. We’re out to build a relationship with you that will save your company serious money!